Post#2 (Flipping the Classroon)

No doubt, the flipped classroom idea is not new but our classrooms are going to be more diverse and the theory of adult learning and student learning styles and perception of the subject topic varies from students to students. As in my Adult Learning post (Malcolm Knowles  ) I indicated that the four key point.

What is Flipping

As a technology person I don’t hesitate to use the technology and make use of it wherever appropriate and possible. I try to keep the class atmosphere friendly and conducive to learning. I use simulations, some videos in my lectures.  As we want to engage and use student centered approach, the flipped classroom is the great idea for active learning. What we should know to flip the classroom? Here are 7 things you should know           to flip the classroom.

What should be the Center for Teaching ?  Here it describes all the key elements we should know and can use to engage the students for active learning.

Here is some great idea’s How to Flip the Classroom and I use the blended learning style i.e.

  • Introduce the topic
  • Show them the pre-tape set on instruction (Computer Coding)
  • Show them the live Computer program (Coding) i.e. how they will use the different piece of computer coding instructions
  • Assign them the Small piece of program to code.
  • Check them working individually

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