Post#4 My Future/dream Classroom: Why My Visualization Changed

My Future/dream Classroom: Why My Visualization Changed

I been a lecture based teacher in the past and until now was thinking the same before taking Advanced Instructional Methods Course that changed my total imagination of the class room. So whenever I get a chance to teach in the future near or later whatever I will transform my way of teaching using the student-centered approaches to learning (e.g. flipped classroom, journaling, Web Quests, story-telling, and more) introduced in class gave me the new ideas to implement in my class room. As I read the quote “Tell me, I Forget. Show me, I Remember. Involve me, I Understand.” is totally true and leave the life lasting impact and well trained students can be produced.

No doubt, as a technology person I don’t hesitate to use the technology and make use of it wherever appropriate and possible. I try to keep the class atmosphere friendly and conducive to learning. Sometime I tell jokes which have relevance to the topics being discussed and have lessons to be learned. I discourage, however, distracting behavior. For most of my classes, I start assigning a group project (if possible) which gives them brain storming and to share the ideas and then go to individual projects. Even though for the group projects I assign to write summaries to all and then share those with each other which gives them some sort of more logic. Then I direct them to make a presentation and present that in front of all the students and students are free to ask questions at the end of the presentation and I direct questions randomly to all the members to ensure everyone has good understanding of the project’s topic

And now I am thinking that I will no longer be just lecturing in front of the classroom, but I will make a concerted effort to utilize the student-centered learning approaches in my curriculum delivery. As discussed in class, different people have different potentials for learning and students do the same. The effective teaching is the communication with students at the level at which the majority of them get it, I think. In addition to that I and students is a team and students are the main players (show of one to many and the one has the command to make the main line good) so give them the chance to perform and I am the coach to direct them how to play and the common goal of us is to get succeed in this paly in a fair manner. It is a two way process and teaching at the level which may be stimulating to a slight section of pupil in the session may upshot in the prevention to the mainstream of students. But water-downed material may disturb the sunnier students as well.

Moreover, Students are the recipient s of our expanded knowledge on student-centered delivery methods. The learning and the development this course will really help me prepare students for their future engagement. I am fully confident to fully implement the student-centered approach in my future lessons.



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